Why does hair get lice?

Lice are a type of parasite. Those who depend on others for their food and grow and are born on the body of others. They are usually found in the hair of the head, but it can also occur in the genitals. If we look at the difference between colors, they are of two types. One white and one black. Those who are black are called lice and those who are white are called chillua. There is a simple difference between Chilua and Lice, that Chiluas grow in the body and lice are found only in the head or hair. The only goal of both of them is to drink the blood of the body.

Lice suck the blood of the body by piercing the skin of the human head. They do not fly or jump, but they can move very fast. For this reason, it becomes difficult to catch them. It has been observed that it occurs less in Americans and Africans. The reason for their hair size.

Lice leave their eggs in the common language called nit. Out of which innumerable lice emerge after two or three days. They stick a special type of glue under the neck or behind the ears to keep their eggs safe. They do not need to be removed by hand either by washing with water or a brush.

Due to lice :

Lice is usually caused by sweat generated in the body, due to hair mess. If the hair is not taken care of properly or if there is a slight reduction in its cleanliness, then it can flourish. They like dirt a lot. So there is where the dirt, there are just so a person whose head before Juaa be coming into contact with Juaa that can have.
1. Like someone’s scarf, hat or comb is used.

2. Only one bed should be used with them.

3. Stay close to them or close to their heads. There are many products available in the market to remove lice. But there are many chemicals in these which affect our eyes. Care is easier than care. Therefore, it should be especially noted that there is no dirt in your hair or you do not come in contact with someone who has lice in your head.

However, if for any reason, lice arise in your head, then its remedy should be done in the domestic way. Chemicals should be used sparingly.

People use nails to kill lice , which can prove to be very dangerous. If the poison in the lice reaches your body, it becomes a disease called ascites.  Due to which water in your stomach gets filled up, no doctors have been able to find a cure for it till date. That is why it makes sense to keep these things in mind.

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