Lice – 4 Ayurvedic remedies to treat it

Lice are weak insects that usually germinate by laying eggs inside the head of an infected person and sucking blood from the scalp of the head. Lice infection is usually viral and is heavily contagious in nature. It is generally advisable to treat lice infection due to its infectious nature. The reason behind the lice infection is skin-to-skin contact with the infected person or sharing a bed or combo with the infected person and staying in obscure locations.

Symptoms are extreme scratches in the scalp area due to the presence of lice. Ayurveda can serve as a useful remedy for lice infection. The most common Ayurvedic treatments for lice infection are as follows:

  1. You can apply onion juice on the scalp area and rinse it after 1 hour.
  2. Indian hemp juice can be applied on the scalp area.
  3. An application of a crushed paste of Sitaphal before going to sleep.
  4. A mixture of alum and water can be applied regularly to the scalp area of ​​the head.
  5. Although the initial application of the Ayurvedic mixture goes to remove the lice layer, it is almost impossible to destroy all the eggs in the first dose if the infection is prolonged. For the complete elimination of lice, the prescribed mixture should be re-applied. To prevent lice infection, you can wash clothes, stuffed toys, combs etc. with warm water. If you want to discuss a specific problem, you can consult Ayurveda.

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