How to get rid of baby’s head lice

Have you ever seen small insects that might possibly be stuck in your baby’s hair? They are lice! Do not be deceived by their size. These tiny insects are adept at sucking blood from your baby’s skull! Even though head lice are not very dangerous, this is the main reason that you will find your baby scratching or scratching his head repeatedly!

It is generally understood that it is only due to uncleanliness that lice are produced in the hair. However, in clean hair, lice can be as much fun as in dirty hair. The cause of lice in your baby’s head may be due to contact with an infant or elder in the neighborhood who has lice in his head.

Signs of lice in your baby’s head

Lice are adept at hiding and therefore, they can be very difficult to catch. If you think that your child will be exposed to his hands when he has lice in his head, then you can be absolutely wrong. Lice can easily remain in your baby’s head for 3 months, without any irritation or itching. By the way, the best way to find out if your baby has lice in his head – is to comb his wet hair with a fine-toothed lice comb, taking special care of the delicate or poppy area above the head.

Noticeable signs

  • Shells of bright white empty eggs can be seen near the skin of the skull.
  • Big and alive lice cruising in your baby’s hair and scalp
  • Red itch may occur on the back of your baby’s neck due to itching caused by the lice.

Get rid of lice

When it comes to removing lice in your baby’s head, many options will be available in the market nowadays. Anti-lice shampoos used regularly for your baby can be very effective and helpful in combing your baby’s hair and removing lice.

When using louse-destroying shampoo, read the instructions on the bottle carefully. But it is better to consult your pediatrician before purchasing any louse-shampoo. Your baby’s doctor will definitely know about the medical history of your baby due to any allergies or other problems, so he will give prescriptions for this.

If none of the shampoos or cures are effective, try the old-fashioned home recipe that our ancestors used. There were lice in his time too, no? Bathing your baby with neem water can prove to be very effective in getting rid of lice. So try it, because it will not cause any harm to your baby.

If all else fails, then one final way in which you can make sure to get rid of all those lice is by shaving off your little one’s hair! But do use this as a last resort, since we do not think that your child would like the idea of being bald too much.

Written by tom

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