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The One Guaranteed Head Lice Home Remedy That Works

plastic-combIf you read through the many home cures for head lice listed below, you’ll start to notice that most of them have one thing in common: combing. To get rid of lice, you need to get rid of nits – the eggs they leave behind – and one of the most effective ways of doing so is by consistently combing the hair each and every day.

Sure, some of the remedies might make this process a tiny bit easier. Some of them even have a hint of being pleasant: take King Henry VIII’s morning head lice beer, for example. Most of them, however, involve creating an awful mess, and sometimes a deeply unpleasant and smelly mess at that.

baby-oilRemedy: Baby oil

Does it really work: no.

How it’s meant to work: put some baby oil in your hair, and then comb out lice and nits alike. Repeat for up to a week. If you feel that combing baby oil through your hair isn’t unpleasant enough, you can also try using vinegar at the same time, and add in laundry detergent when you wash your hair.

garlicRemedy: Garlic

Does it really work: no.

How it’s meant to work: you need to make a thick paste from a bunch of garlic cloves. How many cloves is down to you and your boredom threshold; many sources suggest 10 as a good minimum. Once you’ve reached the limit of how many garlic cloves you can grind in a single session, massage the stinking mess into your scalp, and leave it there for 30 minutes of pure misery. Afterwards, enjoy rinsing out, and follow with regular combing.

olive-oilRemedy: Olive oil

Does it really work: no.

How it’s meant to work: put a large amount of literally any olive oil in your head right before bed, find some way of stopping it from ruining your bed sheets, pillow, and marital relations, and come the morning, as you question your very existence and how your life has sunk quite so low, comb out as many lice and nits as possible. For added self-degradation, try spending a night or two with vinegar covering your hair.

petroleum-jellyRemedy: Petroleum jelly

Does it really work: no.

How it’s meant to work: ruin any previous thoughts you had about maintaining your self dignity for any amount of time by dumping vast amounts of petroleum jelly in your hair, right before bed. Pray to whatever god(s) you believe in as you try to figure out a way to stop the gloop from seeping through to your mattress – shower caps and towels are very much alleged to help – and hope your living nightmare doesn’t infect your dreams. Upon waking, experience delight as you remove the jelly with yet another gloop substance, this time olive oil. Finally, follow normal instructions to comb your hair and actually address the head lice problem.

saltRemedy: Salt

Does it really work: no.

How it’s meant to work: the title is slightly misleading, as many home remedies actually mean salt and vinegar. So, once again suffer through a mixture of pure despair, this time thankfully only worn for a couple of hours. Afterwards, wash out with your regular shampoo and conditioner. If you want there to be even the tiniest chance of this working, guess what? Comb out the nasties!


There are too many people in the world that want you to believe that torturing yourself is the way to achieve success, no matter what the field. If you’re absolutely determined to rely on a home remedy, please, please, please at least use a comb as well; it’s every bit as tedious as using the various remedies described above, and yet it will vastly increase the chances of you getting rid of your head lice infestation.

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