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3 Best Preventative Head Lice Cures

What is the best way to prevent head lice right now?

We’ve picked out three fantastic products below that will stop you and your child or children from getting a nasty infestation in the first place.

If your school, sports team or preschool has just announced an outbreak of lice, it’s time to jump into action, as prevention is always better than the cure, especially where nits are concerned.

What everyone should know about preventing head lice?

As you may have read before, prevention is always, always, always better than the cure. Think about it: clearing up a head lice infestation can take weeks upon weeks of hard work, both with shampoos, combs, and various treatment kits, and if you’re helping your child with their nits, you may well have a very unhappy little boy or girl on your hands every evening as well.

It’s not a good place to be.

Luckily, there are various ways that you can prevent head lice, all without breaking into a cold sweat the next time you hear about an outbreak. Most fall into the group of hair products that should be applied every day.

If you don’t like the idea of using lots of nasty chemicals in your hair (or a loved one’s), using a preventative product is absolutely the best way forward for you; unlike treating a stubborn infection, the treatment options below are all extremely mild, containing no nasty chemicals whatsoever.

Best Head Lice Prevention Treatments Reviewed


Babo Botanicals Lice Repel Conditioning Spray

Certified organic, this is a spray based on a rosemary and tea tree-based treatment that should be sprayed onto hair – either damp or dry – typically in the morning, followed by a quick comb-through for maximum effect.

Containing no chemicals, Babo is both a gluten-free and vegan-friendly solution, perfect if you have the perfectly normal worries about using chemical-laden products on those around you.

Babo Botanicals is a company based on a farm, employing on the most natural of techniques and ingredients, all the way in upstate New York.

They also support Fair Trade produce.

As an added bonus, this lice repellent also helps to smooth and condition hair when used on a daily basis.

Buy Now $12.15



Little Green Kids Lice Guard Gel

Making a change from the usual boring and annoying shampoo supplements, Little Green Kids have come out with a stunning product, this time a hair gel that doubles up as a lice guard.

You read that right: not only can you protected against and prevent a lice infestation; you can look good whilst doing so. Win-win or what!

Formulated from a mixture of tea tree oils, with rosemary and peppermint, lavender, neem and eucalyptus, it’s not unknown for people to end up using this gel just because they like it with the lice prevention being a very pleasant side effect.

Even the reviewers are generous about how well it performs as a hair styling agent. This is high on our list of preventative products you must try.

Buy Now $14.15


fairy-tales Fairy Tales Repel Shampoo

Last but by no means least, we’ve added the gold-standard of preventative shampoos to our list here, with Fairy Tales Repel Shampoo (and for those looking for a pattern here: yup, we’ve chosen the Rosemary edition once again).

As with all of the repellents we’ve chosen, Fairy Tales does not include any harsh chemicals, or scary-sounding ingredients, and it’s free of both Paraben and SLS.

You can use Fair Tales daily thanks to its mild ingredients, which will do the world of good in preventing you from catching nits or head lice. It’s more than suitable for use by the entire family, so everyone at home can be protected.

If a member of your family is unlucky enough to catch nits, it’s treatments like these that will save the rest of your family from pain!

Very easy to use, all you have to do is use it as you would any other shampoo, with thoroughly wet hair, massaged in well until a lather is created, and hey presto, done.

Buy Now $9.95


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