6 Surefire Steps to Remove Lice from Children’s Head

Getting lice in the head is a common thing, but if you think that due to living in the dirt, lice get into the head, then tell you that it is not so.

This insect with a size of 1.6 millimeters cannot fly. It lays eggs by clinging to the scalps and gets nutrition from there. This insect sucking blood from a human head can make anyone its prey. They go from one person to another very quickly. Often the lice in the child’s head begin to thrive soon.

hey, spread rapidly when the louse is in contact with the head, using its comb, in contact with its clothes and bed. If your child has got lice and you are very upset then adopt these measures. These measures will definitely give you relief:

1. Vinegar
dies due to the acetic acid present in vinegar. Also, its small eggs are also developed.

Applying camphor in coconut oil and adding camphor in coconut oil kills the lice. For this, it is necessary that you apply it on sculpts.

3. An
excessive amount of sulfur is found in onion. Lice get completely cleaned by applying onion juice.

4. Lemon
juice is also used to kill lice due to acidic juice. The good thing is that dandruff is also overcome by its use.

Boil neem leaves well in water. After that wash the hair with water after cooling it . Doing this two to three times will kill lice.

6. Almonds
According to Ayurveda, almonds are very effective in eliminating lice. For this, soak some almonds in water, then grind them finely. Mix a few drops of lemon juice in this paste and apply it on the scalp. By doing this the yoke will die.

Written by tom

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